QPR - Quantified Political Relationships

The Quantified Political Relationships (QPR) data provide a new comparative measure of cooperation and conflict in public relationships among politicians, non-partisan political actors, and societal actors. I use more than 250,000 machine-coded events from 13 Western European countries from 2001 to 2014 and scale them using latent factor network models. This provides information on the degree of cooperation and conflict between almost 3,500 (aggregated) or more than 4,600 (non-aggregated) actors.

For details on the data and the approach, please see this paper and the accompanying Online Appendix. For an example of how the QPR data can be useful, check out this paper. If you have any questions or find a mistake, please me.

If you use the data in your research, please cite the following:
Weschle, Simon (2018): "Quantifying Political Relationships." American Political Science Review 112(4): 1090-1095.

There are two versions of the data: In the first, I aggregate the events of all actors that are members of a political party together before estimating the cooperation scores. In the second, no aggregation by party takes place.

Data, Aggregated (R, 26 MB)    

Data, Aggregated (Stata, zipped, 36 MB)

Data, Non-Aggregated (R, 45 MB)    

Data, Non-Aggregated (Stata, zipped, 85 MB)