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Politicians' Private Sector Jobs and Parliamentary Behavior
American Journal of Political Science, Online First.
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Coverage: The Bunker Podcast, Sky News, The Loop

What Drives Perceptions of Partisan Cooperation?
Political Science Research and Methods, Online First.
Joint with Lie Philip Santoso and Randy T. Stevenson.
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Campaign Finance
Forthcoming in The Political Economy of Lobbying: Channels of Influence and their Regulation, edited by Karsten Mause and Andreas Polk, Springer Studies in Public Choice.

Parliamentary Positions and Politicians' Private Sector Earnings: Evidence from the UK House of Commons
Journal of Politics (2021) 83(2): 706-721.
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Coverage: Sky News

Campaign Finance Legislation and the Supply-Side of the Revolving Door
Political Science Research and Methods (2021) 9(2): 365-379.
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Elite Interactions and Voters' Perceptions of Parties' Policy Positions
American Journal of Political Science (2021) 65(1): 101-114.
Joint with James Adams and Christopher Wlezien.
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The Impact of Economic Crises on Political Representation in Public Communication: Evidence from the Eurozone
British Journal of Political Science (2019) 49(3): 1097-1116.
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Assessing the Impact of Non-Random Measurement Error on Inference: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach
Political Science Research and Methods (2019) 7(2): 367-38.
Joint with Max Gallop.
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Quantifying Political Relationships
American Political Science Review (2018) 112(4): 1090-1095.
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Punishing Personal and Electoral Corruption: Experimental Evidence from India
Research and Politics (2016) 3(2): 1–6.
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Two Types of Economic Voting: How Economic Conditions Jointly Affect Vote Choice and Turnout
Electoral Studies (2014) 34: 39-53.
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Lobbying and the Collective Action Problem: Comparative Evidence from Enterprise Surveys
Business and Politics (2014) 16(2): 221–246.
Joint with Benjamin Barber and Jan Pierskalla.
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Anti Government Networks in Civil Conflicts: How Network Structures Affect Conflictual Behavior
American Journal of Political Science (2013) 57(4): 892-911.
Joint with Nils W. Metternich, Cassy Dorff, Max Gallop, and Michael D. Ward.
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Learning from the Past and Stepping into the Future: Toward a New Generation of Conflict Prediction
International Studies Review (2013) 15(4): 473-490.
Joint with Michael D. Ward, Nils W. Metternich, Cassy Dorff, Max Gallop, Florian M. Hollenbach, and Anna Schultz.
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Attitudes towards Redistributive Spending in an Era of Demographic Ageing. The Rival Pressures from Age and Income in 14 OECD Countries
Journal of European Social Policy (2009) 19(3): 195-212.
Joint with Marius R. Busemeyer and Achim Goerres.
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